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From Modern Classic...

A darker more traditional wood finish and simple lines brings and warm and welcoming feeling to your bathroom area. 

To Simple Elegant Design...

The sleek lines coupled with the stone textures make for a simple yet elegant design to enjoy while bathing, preparing for the day or just enjoying a glass of wine. 

You'll Get Beautiful Functional Spaces.

We designed this beautiful functional bathroom maximizing the small space to still give it plenty of room. 

This design works with the the corner to open the space to make the room feel more alive. 

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Customer Testimonials

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"My wife and I could not be happier with the way the Project turned out. Our house is even more beautiful than before. The process also was very little hassle and especially the meeting of your commitment to finish on time was not only great but very unusual compared to other projects we have undertaken. The most important aspect of Cabinets Extraordinaire performance was the quality of the work and tradesmen that did the work. They all were first rate, pleasant and highly qualified. Feel free to use us as a reference. We would not hesitate to employ your firm for future projects and suggest others to hire you."

Stuart M.

"Cabinets Extraordinaire renovated my kitchen and three bathrooms. I worked directly with Jeremy Strong who was quite knowledgeable and very patient. He spent a great deal of time helping me to achieve my design requests and was always accessible via phone or email. I enjoyed working with Jeremy and would definitely recommend him. The design and work were developed in a timely manner. The craftsmanship was of top quality and the attention to detail was excellent. I am very pleased with my new home environment. Should I embark on future renovations, I would contact Cabinets Extraordinaire. "

Grace D.

Sarasota, FL

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Our Award Winning Designers Will Work With You To Make Your Vision a Reality.